Growth in a Global Market

Northland has achieved a remarkable growth trajectory,
currently operating facilities that generate 1,394 MW
of electricity. Domestically, the Grand Bend Wind Farm
reached COD in Q2. Internationally, Northland’s 600 MW
Gemini offshore wind project produced first power in Q1.

With our roots firmly planted in Canada, Northland is
now making its mark in Europe and around the world.
Northland alone holds 23% of the developers’ share of
installed capacity in the North Sea. When combined with
its Van Oord and Siemens partners, the Gemini project
constitutes the largest offshore wind partnership in the
European Union.

Northland Power 23.0% 360.0 MW
DONG Energy 20.4% 319.0 MW
Global Infastructure Partners 10.5% 165.0 MW
Siemens 7.7% 120.0 MW
Vattenfall 7.6% 118.4 MW
Stadtwerke München 7.4% 115.6 MW
Westermeerwind 5.9% 93.0 MW
PKA 4.9% 77.0 MW
Van Oord 3.8% 60.0 MW
HVC 3.8% 60.0 MW
Industriens Pension 1.8% 27.7 MW
Laerernes Pension 1.8% 22.7 MW
Kirkbi 1.0% 14.0 MW
Laegernes Pensionskasse 0.8% 12.6 MW

Annual Market Share in 2016 – European Offshore Wind Farm OwnersDevelopers’ Share of 2016 Annual Installations (MW)

Northland is proud to
partner with First Nations
on its Grand Bend and
McLean's Mountain wind farms. Together, we are
building a more sustainable
future for generations
to come.

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